LIGHT BEARER - Silver Tongue 2xLP


2nd part of the planned quadrology! Lightbearer go on the 2nd album (and the 4th release) back a little further. While they have already proved to the first 3 items that they are musically open, the sound of the band is further developed here again. The quiet moments are growing, the subsequent heavy riffs can more somehow seem harder and at the same redemptive. It takes time to build up the songs, which definitely pays off and a total of more sophisticated acts as yet in the first 2xLP 'lapse' in order to let them then end up in the guitar staccato. This type of song structure reminds me even sometimes a little like Mogwai. Who liked the delicate, light, accompanied by strings moments of the first 2xLP and the split LP will rejoice that they have risen and are better than ever incorporated into the overall picture! Worked 'lapse' a little cobbled together on me, flowing 'Silver Tongue' as a matching piece from the speakers!