"Hailing from Germany’s Hardcore-Punk scene, NIGHTSLUG was formed late 2011 in Düsseldorf. A first 12" demo was released via Per Koro Records, followed the next year by "Dismal Fucker", their stunning first full-length that demonstrated the band's impressive, loud & abrasive sludge mixed with raw punk/hardcore energy.
After a plenty of gigs all across Europe, the trio took some time off in early 2015 to record "Loathe", their second album, to be released through Dry Cough Records (UK), @Lost Pilgrims Records (France) & Broken Limbs Recordings (USA).
Throughout the 7 songs on the album, NIGHTSLUG remains consistent in its crushing riffs, pissed-off vocals and sheer hatred, altogether making for one of the heaviest records of the year. With "Loathe", the band has succeeded in taking their nihilistic vision of the world one step further - as ugly and hopeless as can be in a world devoid of any meaning.
NIGHTSLUG is what music would sound like if all life was burned off the face off the earth."