Started in 2011 as an excessive and primitive project, Mudbath was soon to become an obsession for its four members. Based in the dull city of Avignon in south-east France and feeding off the blight of their time, the band blends abrasive sludge with ritual doom and blackened hardcore. After a first EP ("Red Desert Orgy") in 2012 and a flurry of gigs across Europe, the quartet will return in 2015 with "Corrado Zeller" (released January 31th by Lost Pilgrims Records (France)/ Grains of Sand Records (Russia) & Desordre Ordonné (Canada) ) the first bestial and stunning LP recorded and mixed by Mathieu " Mouffi " Croux ( Verdun, Sofy Major...) and mastered at Boiler Room by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod , Cough , Bongripper...)


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