PLGM 003 /// VERDUN - The Cosmic Escape Of Admiral Masuka (Sold Out)

2013-02-12 · Lp version, Lost Pilgrims Records & Head Records · PLGM 003

"Named after the most inhuman battle in the First World War, VERDUN (France) are one of those bands that are hard to label, merging the lines between sludge/doom and slowed-down dark hardcore.

Heavy and dry riffing, neck-breaking groove, incantatory vocals, fogs of delay and a strong psychedelic feel, that's what you can expect from the half-hour of their debut EP "The Cosmic Escape Of Admiral Masuka" out in early 2012 on Head Records and Throatruiner Records.

Carrying a strong live reputation with their never ending tours over Europe, VERDUN is definitely one of those bands to watch for any fan of Burning Witch, Electric Wizard, or Amenra; and by extension anything dark and crushing."