PLGM 006 /// DEUIL - Acceptance/Rebuild (Sold Out)

2013-10-13 · Lp Version @ Lost Pilgrims Records, Nooirax producciones, Les Acteurs de L'ombre, Boue Records... · PLGM 006

"DEUIL (in English “Mourning) is a four pieces blackened sludge band hailing from Liège in Belgium. Born on the ashes of the screamo band Isaiah, the band started to play together in 2012.

After a first demo whitout bass player and many gigs all over Europe, they recorded the final version of “Acceptance/Rebuild” during june 2013, live and in one day with Gilles Kockelmans at Block Bunker Records.

"Acceptance / Rebuild" proves that DEUIL is able to mix genres and develops their own identity based on intense melancholy and dark atmospheres. Those songs express feelings and emotions you can feel after the loss of someone… "

Pressing Infos :
113 ex. chrystal clear, black & transparent blue mixed
180 ex. Red & black mixed & lil bit gold
200 ex. on 180grm Lp black wax