CATAYA - Sukzession CD


"One of the most promising new bands in the instrumental Postrock/Ambient/Postmetal genre! Young and six members strong, CATAYA (who have roots in Germany, Belgium and Spain) regularly amaze with their digital (and of course musical) presentation. Their self-made video clips spread quickly on scene relevant blogs and generated great attention after a short time with click-numbers beyond the 10000 marks on youtube. „Sukzession“ (a term used in ecology and botany) is the title of the 4 songs full debut album. The four tracks album with its complex tension and instrumental structures has a total playing time of over 40 minutes. They have a rampant, atmospheric idyll and create an attention to the small details in the songs. Perfectly built up with drums, bass, synthesizers and multi-layered guitars in extended passages, which reinvent theirselfs again and again until they fi nally fi nd their destination in brutal, violent and almost rampant, destructive Postmetal parts. To compare CATAYA with other bands, probably think of CULT OF LUNA, GYBE and TOUNDRA. Strong debut!"