Autumn 2002, 'chaotic noise hardcore' is giving its quit due to its Legends' ends.
At Sète, in south of France, STUNTMAN concrete his musical past with his 4 members and gives a rebirth of this defunct kind. The combo, with his many line up changes, delivers their energy on a considerable discography (two albums, an EP, a split and a dozen compilations appearances) also on more than 150 shows and more than 5 tours in Europe; some with bands like Coalesce, Russian Circles, Jucifer, Genghis Tron, Child Abuse, Kongh or Mumakil.
The new Album "Incorporate The excess" is a terryfying proof of hatred,
A pure loud chaotic hardcore mixed with grind feelings.
Released by Head Records on CD, LP through Solar Flare Records and tape by Lost Pilgrims Records on January 2014.