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Created on Autumn 2002 at Sète in south France, STUNTMAN is a noise hardcore metal quartet that had many line up changes.
The combo delivers their energy on a considerable discography (two albums, an EP, a split and a dozen compilations appearances)
and with more than 150 shows accross all Europe.
The new Album "Incorporate The excess" is a terryfying proof of hatred.
The best ever recorded by the band at this date
A pure loud chaotic hardcore mixed with grind feelings.
All swimming in a massive sound recorded live and mixed at la Senelle by Amaury Sauve (Birds in Row, Comity..)
and Mastered by Nick Zampiello (Keelhaul, Knut, Trap Them...)
For fans of Huge break-neck riffing, furious drumfills and cutthroat vocals,

Here's the tracklist :

1 - Broken Mirrors Lacerate
2 - The Patriot, the Elite, the Icon
3 - Bag of Dicks
4 - Horn Of Misery
5 - Roll The Skull
6 - Chaos Shepherd
7 - Scarecrow Warfare

Available in two editions :
-60ex. on White shell tape
-60ex. on Black shell tape

Alternative artwork silkscreened on Recycled Black Broad Pak.

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