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Available in LP 200 Black Vinyl 140g & CD Digipack

1 - Faint and Distant Whispers 0:46
2 - In a Deep Hole 5:56
3 - Opossable Guilt 3:40
4 - A Grim Reminder 4:34
5 - At the Altars of Competition 4:36
6 - Across This Ocean of Grief and Beyond 3:41
7 - Pile of Papers 2:32
8 - Unravelling the Garden of All Forking Paths 6:10
9 - Peered Into Everyone's Fate 5:56
10 - May This Chamber of Secrets Enclusure My Heaviest Burden 10:10

All Music and Lyrics by REDEMPTUS 
Produced by REDEMPTUS and Daniel Valente 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Valente 
@ CAOS ARMADO ESTÚDIO during spring 2017 
Release the 17th November 2017 in LP and CD Digipack by Raging Planet
Digital by Lost Pilgrims Records

Redemptus is a sludge\post-metal band from Portugal, formed earlier in 2014 and carried ingluence by Zozobra, Old Man Gloom, Converge, Cursed, Isis, to just name a few.
The band features Paulo Rui, vocalist of the punk\grind band Besta and French doom band Verdun, now on the bass and vocals, Miguel Santos as guitar player and Marcos Martins, drummer of the post-rock\ambiental band Juseph!

In February 2015, their first studio release, consisting in nine tracks, combining dark ambiences and atmospheres, filled with gloomy riffs and dramatic vocalizations, screaming out loud all the rotten matters of mankind existance, goes by the name "We All Die the Same" .
Over this period of time, they've been touring, playing big festivals and venues, sharing the stage with bands like Neurosis, Oathbreaker, Mantar, Entombed A.D., Torche...

In 2017, they recorded and released a split cd with Basalt, that goes by the name "Alt‚ntico", and their second long play "Every Red Heart Fades To Black" that will see light on the November 17th.
This new album consists in ten tracks of celebrated darkness!

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