SAVIOURS - The Eye Obscene / Crete´n LP


Black Sabbath , Iron Maiden , Ted Nugent , Motorhead , Thin Lizzy . Not the worst references , taking the influences because for literally sounding Californians as the loudest guitarist of 70s with Lemm ( OZZ ) y vocals . Of the dueling twin lead guitar escapades even to mention . The healing power of the alcohol probably not completely averse and saw the truth in the eye , is not difficult to realize that the Double - D - Quartett his rock'n'roll likes to wear classic, Leather boots and cowl are in any ( ! ) life saved , it rumbles as in the early 80s , when the last major ( metallic ) wave from the United Kingdom took the world by storm , 70s Hard Rock is in the air , but also Dope & Guns without fucking in the streets . Here, the thin little voice reminds neither Lemmy still to Ozzy . That is why the water makes my mouth watering .